5 Fall Accessories You Need For Fall {Giveaway}

This week I shared my fall fashion must-haves and my fall beauty must-haves.  Today I am showing you how to accessorize those pieces for the new season. I love fall, obviously, and I love the accessories that come with the cooler weather.  Here are the accessories you need to wearing this season: a blanket scarf, a wool hat, a large brown handbag, a pair of booties, and a wood watch.



Blanket Scarf.

A blanket scarf is the perfect scarf for fall. It’s cute, cozy, and versatile. Blanket scarves are not only super popular for fall but they double as a blanket. #winwin So while you are out there in the pumpkin patches or admiring the changing leaves while sipping on your PSL and start to get a chill, unwrap that blanket scarf that’s around your neck and wrap up in it.


Wool Hat.

The wool hat is everywhere! It’s filling my Instagram with blogger after blogger raving about this hat. And honey, I’m going to do the same! I love that this hat is both stylish and chic. It’s one of those hats that can be worn all fall and then be worn all winter. So if you don’t have one….Go get yourself one! I promise, you won’t regret it. 


Wood Watch.

This watch for fall is a must! I am seriously beyond obsessed. I have been a huge Jord Wood Watch fan for the longest time and have been dying to get one. I was so excited when I received an email from them asking if I would promote their watches on my blog. Of course was my reaction. It has been a long time since I’ve worn a watch and I honestly cannot stop wearing this watch. There are so many wood watches to choose from. What I love about this brand is that they have both men’s and women’s watches. So, if you have a guy or girl in your life that needs a new watch, you should must get them one from here. I promise you they will not be disappointed. I have only had this watch for a few weeks and the amount of compliments I have received has been insane. Everybody wants one! 


Why you need this watch for fall? The wood color just screams fall to me. I think it’s the darker colors mixed with some lighter colors that just reminds me of the leaves changing colors and the days getting shorter. It’s an extremely light-weight watch. I honestly forget that I am wearing it. Fall means that the time will be falling back and let’s face it, nobody ever knows the time once the time change occurs. Let’s me serious for a moment, the real reason you need this watch is because it’s absolutely gorgeous and makes the perfect  arm candy! So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a wood watch right now!


Want a chance to win your own JORD Wood Watch? Click here to enter! Giveaway details: The winner will receive a $75 e-voucher and everyone who enters gets a $20.00 e-gift card, excluding the winner. Everyone received something just for entering! How awesome?!


Booties. Are. Life. Seriously, if you don’t have any booties, you are missing out. they are the perfect shoe for fall, and really all season. Booties can be paired with leggings and pants, of course, but they look super cute with dresses, skirts and shorts. Booties are one of the most versatile pairs of shoes and there are so many different varieties of booties. They are definitely a fall staple!


Large Handbag.

Let me just tell you, large handbags are the best! I am that girl that carries everything under the sun in her purse. I love being that person that everyone can count on whenever they need something. Just call me Mary Poppins! The perks of carrying one for fall is you can carry so many items that come in handy this season. A large handbag is the perfect size to carry a small umbrella for rainstorms, a beanie in case the temperature drops and you need something warm, chapstick to prevent your lips from chapping, and a good book for those coffee shop visits on chilly days.





Sweater (similar) // Leggings (on sale for $10)  // Blanket Scarf // Wool Hat // Booties // Handbag (similar) // Watch // 

How do you accessorize for fall?

What are you doing this weekend?

Don’t forget to follow this link for a chance to win your own JORD Wood Watch!! 

Luxury Wood Watch

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Fall Beauty Must-Haves

It’s Thursday, loves! The weekend is near! Today I am compiling some of my beauty must-haves that I am obsessing over and I know you will be too! This guide is perfect for fall and you need to head to Ulta this weekend and pick everything up! 



I am all about dark colors in the fall, just like most people. There are certain colors that you will find me in all of fall and those colors are rust, burgundy/wine, and olive green. While I am not a fan of olive green makeup, I decided to find some of my current rust and burgundy beauty wants. There is just something about a sexy dark lip and these 3 lip products are exactly what I am wanting. There are two different palettes that are two different price ranges. Both have gorgeous shades that can also be paired with a deep lip or a simple, nude lip.  


From Top Left to Top Right
Essie Nail Polish in Playing KOI // NYX Love Contours All Palette // ELF Highshine Lipgloss in Crushed Berries
NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Sandstorm // Tarte Styled By Hrush Eye & Cheek Palette // OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Miami Fever

 Tell me what products are on your beauty must-haves list this fall!

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Fall Fashion Must-Haves

It’s Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I can’t believe this is already the last week of September. Time is flying by! This weekend was a lot of fun. My parents came up Friday night and stayed the night.  My dad ran a half marathon Saturday morning. He’s going to be 52 and still running long distance. He’s so badass. I hope to be half in shape as he is at his age. The weather here in Ohio has definitely been feeling more like fall, woohoo! Today I am compiling a few fall must-haves that should be in everyone’s closet.



The first thing that is on my must-haves is obviously sweaters. I love this v-neck sweater. It’s super cute and stylish! This wool hat is so trendy and so in style right now. I am dying to get one. Next up is this adorable t-shirt that is perfect for fall, hello football season! There are so many awesome graphic tees that are aiming for football. Everyone obviously needs a utility jacket. Utility jackets can be worn with jeans or athleisure outfits. Bean boots scream fall don’t they? Get them soon because they sell out fast! Obviously leggings are an absolute must for any season.

fall-fashionmust-havesSweater // Wool Hat // Bean Boots // Military Jacket // Football Graphic Tee //  Leggings // 

What are your fall must-haves?


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Becoming Mrs. Buxton // Groom Crew

Happy Friday! I am sharing another installment of Becoming Mrs. Buxton.  Today I am going to introduce you all to our groom crew. 


Meet our Groomsmen.

groomcrewFrom top left:

Mitchell is our best man. He is also Brad’s cousin so we are both super excited to have him be apart of our big day. Joab, Paden and Dylan have been friends since Brad since childhood, so obviously they were a no brainer when it came to being in our bridal party. Clint and Timmy became friends with Brad later in and have been great friends to both of us. 

Next up is our ushers. 

ushersFrom left to right.

Brad is very fortunate to have a large group of friends. Kurt and Brad have been friends since junior high and Brad made sure to include him in our big day. Bryan is another one of Brad’s friends. I am fairly certain they Brad and Bryan became friends in high school during sports. 

How We Asked.

So in case you are wondering, I didn’t choose to take bad quality photos of these guys with bottles in their hands. We decided to “ice” all of our groomsmen because 1. we thought it would be funny 2. it’s trendy right now and 3. Brad’s friends like to have a good time. If you are unaware of what it means to “ice” someone, let me explain. First, get some Smirnoff Ice. Next discretely hold the Smirnoff. When the person you are targeting is unaware, hand them the bottle. That person has to get down on one knee (if they choose) and chug the bottle of Smirnoff Ice. There are a ton of youtube videos showing people “icing”. I really like this one

How did you ask your groomsmen?

Have you ever been “iced”?

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Fall Bucket List & A Reader Survey

Happy first day of fall, y’all! I am so excited that today is the first day of fall, even though I’ve been celebrating since August 20th. #oops I seriously love everything about this time of year, the leaves changing, the cooler temperatures, my birthday, and it’s acceptable to wear leggings and over-sized sweaters. Today I am sharing with you our fall bucket list! 


I am so excited to start crossing items off of our bucket list. There are so many adventures to accomplish before winter gets here and I am left to stay indoors and watch Netflix under a blanket. 


Be sure to download this printable and cross off all of your adventures. Be sure to use the hashtag  #FallForABH on social media! I’ll be regramming your photos all fall! 

To go along with the new season, I am doing some revamping of A Blissful Haven and I would really appreciate your feedback. Please complete this survey, which is COMPLETELY anonymous. 

What are your favorite fall adventures?

Do you have anything different on your bucket list?


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